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LingLong Summer Tyres

Linglong summer tyres are manufactured using the latest technologies and are…

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LingLong Winter Tyres

The LingLong winter tyres are designed in the same way as the hi-tech summer tyres…

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LingLong banden, driven by innovation

The LingLong Greenmax tyre was specially developed for passenger cars. The symmetrical composition of the tread guarantees stable and comfortable handling with a low rolling noise. The stability of the Greenmax is superb, both for the standard and the XL versions of this type.

The LingLong R666 is specially developed for delivery vans and light heavy-duty transport. Partly due to the reinforced and weighted carcass, the tyre is very sturdy and extremely suitable for heavy duty.

The new LingLong Trailer / Caravan tyre has an improved road holding and more grip and stability, which improves the handling of the whole combination.

LingLong Tyres

In the production of Linglong tyres, we use the latest technologies in the field of basic construction and rubber compound. Thanks to this balanced mix of raw materials linglong produces high quality tyres. By applying this new production Linglong tyres perform optimally in multiple driving and weather conditions.

The unique tread design ensures better grip and a stable ride. Even when the road surface is extremely wet due to heavy rainfall or thunderstorms, LingLong tyres retain their grip. Thanks to its excellent price-performance ratio Linglong tyres can be seen as a good alternative.

LingLong, driven by innovation

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